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Websites for Speech and Language Development

FREE online, informational newsletters for teachers and parents. In order to download the handouts you have to sign up for a free account. This website also allows you to type keywords into a search box and it pulls up a list of articles related to the keywords that you typed. Some of the handouts are available in Spanish as well.

Handouts are related to the following topics: ~AAC ~Articulation and Phonology ~Auditory Processing and Listening~Autism~Basic Concepts~Describing~Questioning & Sequencing~Grammar and Syntax~Hearing and Sign Language~IEPs and Testing~Occupational and Physical Therapy~Oral-Motor and Apraxia~Parent Resources~Phonics~PreReading and Reading~Social Skills~Special Education and LD~Speech & Language Therapy~Vocabulary

ASHA has a wonderful handout that is entitled Activities to Encourage Speech and Language Development, it is a list of activities to promote speech and language for children Birth-6 years.

Parent Handouts for children Birth-3 years, really great handouts for parents! Handouts available in English and Spanish.

Handouts ranging from topics related to Dyspraxia, Finding the Perfect Speech Language Pathologist, Commonly abbreviated terms used by therapists, and many more great handouts.

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