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Watsu, or Water Shiatsu, is a new form of physical and emotional therapy practiced in warm water, using elements of various massage and mobilization techniques. Watsu is a unique form of aquatic massage that is opening new horizons in the field of bodywork. The technique is taught by Harold Dull who is also director of the School of Shiatsu and Massage at Harbin Hot Springs. Dull coined the name from “water” and “shiatsu,” the technique’s two major components.

Watsu is provided at the Easter Seals Community Center in San Jose, California, one of the world’s most progressive institutions dedicated to helping the disabled.

Three of the therapists at the center have written about the rehabilitative benefits of Watsu in Harold Dull’s book, “Watsu, Freeing the Body in Water” [Harbin Springs Publishing, April 1993]. In the book, Sunny Mehler states, “At the Center, we see many people who are suffering from aches and pains of the body and/or mind. Our clientele varies greatly from young children with learning disabilites to older adults with chronic pain. For these clients, Watsu has been used either alone or in conjunction with physical therapy treatments with great success.

Contact: Easter Seals Bay Area 730 Empey Way, San Jose, CA 95128 Tel: (408) 295-0228 Web: E-mail:

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