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Volunteering Opportunity for Jeena Teens

The Jeena Teens and Young Adults are excited to work and partner with the non-profit, Inclusive Volunteering.Volunteers (IV). Inclusive Volunteering provides opportunities to volunteer, even to those who lack access to volunteering through the traditional channels. Our typical peers often take this access for granted, available to them if they choose to volunteer. Being differently-abled puts a whole new light on this access. We have varying degrees of (dis)abilities on multiple fronts, be they physical, mental, emotional and social challenges, which make this a greater challenge for us. Many of us desire to volunteer yet find volunteering in the traditional sense out of our reach.

The ability to be “Change-Makers” is in all of us and we can bring out our talents and make our contribution to the world, if an “access ramp” is available for us.

IV offers volunteering opportunities that are primarily virtual. This will provide the Jeena youth tremendous flexibility in terms of it being performed in the comfort of their home. Face to face meetings can also be organized if required.

On their website you can find the current list of volunteering opportunities on their website They are working on opening up more such opportunities.

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