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Si Se Puede Camp at Jeena

Offered by Si Se Puede Behavioral Intervention, Inc. (SSPBI)


Contact:Norma Avalos, Camp


Jeena, 1510 Center Pointe Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035 (Map and driving directions)


Special needs children –

  1. Group 1: 2 to 5 years

  2. Group 2: 6 to 10 years

Typical Peer Volunteers: Min age 6 yrs (see playgroup info at the bottom for details)


  1. 8/1 Monday to 8/5 Friday

  2. 8/8 Monday to 8/12 Friday

  3. 8/15 Monday to 8/19 Friday


Option 1: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Option 2: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Option 1: 3 hours/day, 5 days/ week is $175 per week

Option 2: 4 hours/day, 5 days/week is $ 233 per week


Interested families must register by completing the attached registration form and emailing it to and also make payment

Week of August 1 camp – Deadline to register and make payment is JUNE 30TH.

Week of August 8 camp – Deadline to register and make payment is AUGUST 3rd.

Week of August 15 camp – Deadline to register and make payment is AUGUST 10TH.

Payments are accepted by check made out to SSPBI. Checks will need to be mailed to SSPBI, 3401 INVESTMENT BLVD, STE. 12, HAYWARD, CA 94545


Children of all abilities are welcome to join the SSPBI summer camp between the ages of 2-5 and 6-10. 70% of the population consists, on average, of children with special needs and 30% of the population consists, on average, of typically developing peers.

Typically developing peer volunteers: Must be at least 6 years old and demonstrate appropriate attending, responding, sharing and turn taking skills. Please register your typically developing peer early, as only 30% of the entire group will consist of typically developing peers


SSPBI offers a fun and exciting summer camp where children of all abilities learn and explore through their senses. Our primary goal is to facilitate your child’s development of peer relationships through social skills training and play based activities.

The program structure includes:

  1. free play using a variety of manipulatives as the children are arriving, this focuses on sharing, taking turns, parallel and interactive play;

  2. followed by an opening circle time where each person is greeted by name and various activities are presented that often include music, singing and or manipulating objects;

  3. then the children participate in gross motor activities where team building and sharing skills are encouraged;

  4. next the children participate in a group snack focusing on appropriate sitting and eating skills, as well as requesting and sharing;

  5. the children then engage in a large group activity that may include shared reading, dramatic play, or other identified activity related to the theme of the day;

  6. in closing the children return as a group to circle time to say good bye.

CAMP THEMESWeek1:Ooey-Gooey (Sensory Exploration) Pudding painting Crafts Build your own sensory bin

Week 2:I Spy (Science Adventure) Color your carnation Volcano eruption Lava lamp creation

Week 3:I Like to Move It, Move It (Gross Motor Fun) Dance Mania Obstacle Course Parachute Play


SSPBI playgroup/camp has been in existence since 2004 offering weekly and seasonal playgroups/camps to children with special needs. Felicia Lopez McCarthy, owner of SSPBI, devised the playgroup and has modified it over the years drawing from her special education teaching experience, years working as an Occupational Therapist and most importantly drawing from her knowledge and expertise working as an Autism Behavior Consultant. In addition to Mrs. McCarthy infusing the playgroup with her knowledge and expertise, SSPBI playgroup has flourished over the years with the support and knowledge of the playgroup staff. SSPBI playgroup has been staffed primarily of SSPBI employees who implement ABA in the home, community and in schools to children between the ages of 18 months to 12 years. Within these ABA programs, all developmental skills, including language, play and social skills, are taught in a 1:1 fashion and then strategically mastered and generalized to the family and larger community. Some of the community locales targeted include: Head Start, afterschool programs, children venues (e.g., Super Franks), neighborhood parks and community centers. In addition to supporting our clients in generalizing their skills to their natural environments, SSPBI has also consulted with special education and regular education classrooms. So it is through these experiences that we bring you a behaviorally based and integrated playgroup that meets the individual needs of your child in a fun and safe environment.


SSPBI camp offers children of all abilities ages 2-5 and 6-10 a program option in which the primary goal is to facilitate the children’s development of peer relationships through play. The staffing ratio is based upon the student need. Generally we operate on a 1:3 ratio of one teacher to three students (typically and atypically developing students). The children are provided with many opportunities for success by devising age appropriate activities, all which can be modified depending on the skill level of each child. There is an array of small and large group activities and a balance between staff-directed and child-initiated activities. Most importantly, there are ample opportunities for children to develop friendships through play in a safe environment.


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