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Jin Shin

Jin shin is an ancient healing art which uses simultaneous contact with specific points on the body to clear out energy blockages. The hands of the therapist act as jumper cables which clear out the blockage and allow the body to resume its own healthy energy flow. Unlike acupuncture, actual touch is not required. The therapist can hold their hands near the points needed and, merely by being in the proximity of the points, clear out the energy blockage. Jin Shin is noninvasive and has no negative side effects so long as it is not practiced more than once every eight hours. If it is practiced in excess of this, so much energy may be released that the client may actually develop flu like symptoms. Jin Shin is also unique in that it encourages independence. The client can easily learn to do basic flows on themselves which further enhance the treatments they receive from the therapist. Jin Shin has existed in the Far East for centuries but was brought to the United States by Mary Burmeister, an American who studied with a master in Japan for several years before returning to the U.S. The history of Jin Shin is so interesting, you may click here for a more thorough overview. There are several certified therapists throughout the world. You may search the internet for ‘jin shin’. Look for anyone who practices jin shin jyutsu or high touch jin shin. Their practices are the same. The two names have evolved as part of the trade marking of different organizations.

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