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Jeena: The Essence of our Jeevan

Jeena has been serving as an extended family for the past eleven years. The volunteers and the parents of Jeena have taken various measures to connect families by conducting meetings to educate parents. They also concoct workshops and fun activities for the kids.

Jeena is a land of milk and honey for our kids. Jeena bolsters a child’s life. Jeena also instills confidence in our kids for them to thrive well. They mingle with everybody at Jeena as their second home without any restrictions. Parents can have all of their roses blossom by overcoming the thorns with Jeena’s extensive support.

Justifies its services toward other people

Evokes confidence for all families

Exhilarates every child in an exuberant fashion

Navigates the right direction for parents

Ascertains all children’s needs

Parents at Jeena maintain a good personal chemistry. Jeena also helps us uncover the right path we should take. We come across many hurdles in raising a special child, but parents’ support, co-ordination, and workshops at Jeena enable us to withstand these hurdles. If we encounter a problem, we don’t need to press the panic button, but contact the other parents of our extended family (Jeena) to put a lid to the problem, or at least diminish the dilemma.

I feel that the siblings of Jeena kids should start attending meetings, workshops at Jeena, and also the I.E.P. meetings at school to support and help the Jeena kids more, which will relieve the parents’ concern for that child’s future. We can’t construct a triangle with two sides: the school and the parents. We need the third side: Jeena.

Jeena should go on for a jubilee, since it dwindles all of our worries.

Jeena: The Essence of our Jeevan

– Srihari Narayanan (10 years old)

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