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IFDA Special Need Peer Interaction Class

The class focuses on social interaction and movement coordination through Bollywood music. The goal of this class is to increase coordination, rhythm sense, spacial concept while appropriate turn taking, communication and interaction with peers is also facilitated. The peers are mostly middle school and high school volunteers who play as role models in initiating appropriate social communication. The program works based on a one on one buddy system thereby increasing confidence, self esteem and promoting awareness and friendship. This year we will be introducing some classical dance elements to enable emotional expression. The class is lead by two instructors who are trained classical/professional dancers/choreographers and are both trained in ABA techniques and have special need children of their own. Who:  The class is meant for children with mild, moderate or severe physical and neurological disabilities. Ages 5 and up. Parents are expected to stay in the facility or within 3 minutes radius for liability reasons Fee: The classes are donation based. The parents can donate for classes to cover facility rental and any other miscellanous expenses. Suggested amount of donation is around $10 per class. Checks need to be written to IFDA. Any amount excess of the expenses incurred will be donated to Jeena. Registration: Can need to be made online at We have openings in the summer session as of now.

Selvi Pragasam

Director/Founder Indian-Fusion Dance Academy Phone: 408-238-4034 Cell: 408-410-5365

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