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Helpful Web Sites

Simplified Technology-

Great website for early learners, with a focus on AAC interventions, simple make-it ideas, and cortical vision and AAC.

Lets Play!-

Full of low- tech ideas for adapting toys in the environment so that children with disabilities can play.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Connecting Young Kids (YAACK)-

A website full of tips and tricks on incorporating AAC into the lives of young children, including infants and toddlers.


This is a great website that looks at commercially available toys, and evaluates them for children with special needs. You can search by disability specifically, or you can look for area of need.

Family Center on Technology and Disability-

This is a very comprehensive web site that explores assistive technology for children with disabilities. They have monthly newsletters on a variety of topics, (March ’07 was on early childhood education and AT) as well as a fabulous search engine that will help you locate information on assistive technology by age, funding source, disability, etc. The Family Information Guide to Assistive Technology is available in both Spanish and English.

Empowertech weblinks-

Here are several very good websites compiled by Judy Nahman-Stouffer, Assistive Technology Educational Specialist at Empowertech, that have free exploration and early education computer games available. There are many more “freeware” games out there, including some for switch users.These require only point and click mouse ability.


works on the 8 stages of switch use, with very simple graphics, and auditory reward

Free switch gaming software, as well as links to other switch software sites, and ideas on how to use a switch for gaming and art.

A variety of free special needs teaching resources, with the following software switch accessible; 1-5 Counting,

Buried 3-D Shapes, Talking Faces, SEN Switcher(link to northern grid web site) and Switch Games (link to website)

A download that is a way to launches two-switch accessible book web sites in a simple way.

Vendor Web Sites

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