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GFCF Diet Questionnaire and Resources


How can I tell if the diet is helping my child or not ?

Give it a whole hearted effort for at least 3 to 4 months. Signs your child may benefit from this diet. 1) When the child self limits his diet especially to milk and wheat( its like a biological addiction) 2) When the child eats unusually large or small amount of food. Large amount may suggest that child thinks eating makes him feel good because of opiates, so he should eat.Small amount suggest many foods make him sick so he tries to avoid eating. 3) Extremely dry skin. 4) Migranes 5) Red cheeks and ears. 6) Abnormal bowel movement. 7) Abnormal sleep patterns. 8) Seizures Noticable changes Improved eye contact, sociability, language, bowel movement, sleep pattern.

Should I switch gradually or quickly?

Can switch quickly but gradually is better option as it is easy on child. Start with taking away milk first and then after a month or so wheat.

What are good subsitutes for milk?

Rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, protein supplements, EO28 splash. In recipies, 1 cup milk can be substituted with 1/4 cup nuts blended with 1 cup water.

Will my child get enough Calcium?

We need to use a Calcium supplement.

How can I substitute roti, puris etc. ?

We can use gluten free flours like Quinoa, Buckwheat, Raagi, Jowar, Teff , Amaranth, Millet.

My child loves pizza and icecream.

We can get Gluten free pizza crust, soy cheese, soy or rice based icecream in whole foods. We can try home made fruit popsicles. Namaste pizza crust mix in whole foods.

What are the best places to shop?

Whole foods, Traders Joe, Farmers markets.Farmers market On Fridays at Kaiser Permanente, 276 International Circle San jose Has a kiosk that vendors GFCF cakes and cookies. Beehive.

Is the diet expensive ? how can I afford it?

Yes, it is a bit expensive but affordable to eat healthy . To compensate, cut down on junk and outside food. Cook all your meals.

How can I avoid contamination ?

Be careful. have separate cookwares.In ovens and microwaves use plate.

What is this whole organic thing?

Organic foods are made a/c to certain production standards. The use of conventional non organic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides is greatly restricted. No human waste or sewage sludge is used. However, contrary to popular belief certain non organic fertilizers are still used. Livestock are reared w/o the routine use of antibiotics, growth hormones, are fed a healthy diet and in most countries it is not genetically modified.

What if we slip up for one day?

Depends on the child . Some kids show severe behavior changes others do not show much change. Epsom salt bath, Enzymaid (Kirkman labs) can help.

What about other people in the house and their meals, especially siblings?

Try to eat the same food atleast for one meal. With a little research we can find substitute for everything. If possible prepare for both differently but let them eat togather.

Can we still eat out at restaurants?

Yes, but choices are limited.

Can we eat at parties?

Let everybody know about your child’s dietary restrictions and how important they are to child’s health. Save some of his favorate gfcf items for such occassions.Take atleast two of his favorate items when going out so that u can offer him that when he wants to eat.

What about school, ABA, other care givers?

Let everybody know about the diet restrictions.Always provide his favorite GFCF food items to the care-givers.

Can we ever combine gfcf diet and vacation?

Yes, plan and prepare ahead.

What do we do for special occassions like Diwali or Halloween?

Prepare GFCF sweets, cookies, cakes etc.


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