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G Therapy is a pioneering treatment for a variety of Neuro-developmental disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, Mental Subnormality, etc. Invented by Dr. Gunvant Oswal, an integrated practitioner in Ayurveda and Allopathy, the treatment involves intake of a special combination of herbal extracts in potentised form and salts of body. Today management of such patients mainly depends upon assistive technology – speech therapy, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, symptomatic drug therapy for convulsions, involuntary movements etc. and surgery for corrective measures. So far there is no drug therapy available to improve motor functions and higher cortical functions of the brain. G Therapy has shown significant improvements in these conditions in about 70% of patients. G. Therapy is a unique combination of herbal extracts in potentised form and body salts. This formulation has shown beneficial effects on motor and higher cortical functions of the brain. The body salts bring about the necessary changes in neuro transmission while the herbal extracts act as a catalyst. Conceived by Dr. Gunvant Oswal, on the basic principals of pharmacology of Ayurveda and Sookshmachikitsa, the formulation is in the form of sweet pills, has sublingual absorption, is safe and compatible with conventional therapies like Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, anti convulsant medicines, etc.

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