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Communication Disorder

Communication Disorders

(as defined by the American Academy of Pediatrics) Communication disorders—conditions that interfere with communications with others in everyday life—involve not only the ability to appreciate language sounds (phonologic awareness) but also to acquire, recall, and use vocabulary (semantics) and to deal with word order and appropriately form or comprehend sentences (syntax). Subcategories of disorders have been identified, including

  1. expressive language disorder

  2. mixed receptiveexpressive disorder

  3. phonological disorder

  4. articulation (word pronunciation) disorder

  5. stuttering

Because there is such a close association between communication and social relationships, these language deficits are often accompanied by social skills difficulties. Children with ADHD without a language disorder may also have difficulties in using language, particularly in social situations. You may notice that your child has problems with excessive talking, frequent interruption, not listening to what is said, blurting out answers before questions are finished, and having disorganized conversations. For more on this topic, please visit: Communication Disorders

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