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Auditory Integration Training

Auditory Integration Training was designed to normalize hearing and the way the brain processes information. Invented by Guy Berard, M.D., French ENT specialist, to rehabilitate disorders of the auditory system, it utilizes an electronic amplifier with variable frequency and amplitude modulation capabilities. What is produced is very gentle holistic music that is listened to over headphones twice a day for ten days. Each session is 30-minutes. A summary of various case histories with samples of hearing screenings before and after AIT can be found in Dr. Berard’s book, Hearing Equals Behavior, published by Keats.

In his research, Dr. Berard discovered that many of those suffering from some forms of neurological disorders have very sensitive or bionic hearing. Often misdiagnosed as autistic, he soon realized that many learning disabled are trapped in a world of hypersensitivity to sound, confusing brain stimuli, and frequency imbalances between the right and left ear. His research proved that exercising the middle ear mechanism through the use of modulated and filtered music usually produces reversals in patients suffering from a wide variety of learning and speaking problems.

Two other books about AIT are recommended: The Sound of a Miracle, by Annabel Stehli. This riveting account of her daughter’s complete recovery from autism at age 11 after being treated by Dr. Berard, was serialized in The Reader’s Digest in 1990 and was responsible for bringing AIT to this country. Dancing in the Rain, “Stories of Exceptional Progress by Parents of Children with Special Needs,” edited by Annabel Stehli, is a book about children with many different exceptionalities who were helped by AIT. You will probably find your child in this book. All books are available from

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