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Animal Trivia By Jeena Tween Vishnu Raghavan

Animal Trivia (se the attached document for answers !)

-By Vishnu Raghavan (10 years)

  1. What species of seabird do puffins, razorbills & dovekies belong?

  2. What do hooded seals spend most time doing?

  3. How long does a dolphin sleep in 24 hours ?

  4. What is the biggest invertebrate?

  5. What is the slowest land mammal?

  6. What is the highest plateau in the world?

  7. How does the spider crab camouflage itself?

  8. What is the most poisonous snake in the world?

  9. Which snake has the longest fangs?

  10. What is the main threat to migrating seabirds?

  11. What was the most abundant bird that’s now extinct?

  12. What is the only lizard which swims in the ocean?

  13. How long is the Great Barrier Reef?

  14. How is Australia connected to New Guinea?

  15. What is the color of Cassawary’s egg?

  16. What are the two methods by which Anaconda kills its prey?

  17. How does the sloth camouflage itself?

  18. What is the unique bird to the Tibetan plateau?

  19. Which animal grows like plants, looks like plants and even reproduces like plants?

  20. How many million tons of crops can be destroyed yearly by a swarm of migrating desert locusts?

  21. Name the 7 recognized species of sea turtle

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