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Amino Acid Therapy

Metabolic Amino Acid Therapy now used extensively in Russia, is a method of treating brain damage and brain abnormality developed by Professor Alexander Khokhtov, a Russian Professor of biochemistry and neurology .

The approach encourages the poorly functioning brain to switch permanently to reserve cells which have the potential to function normally specific amino acids detected by Professor Khokhlov during his 30 years research in Russia can help these reserve nerve cells to take over the function of the abnormal or dead cells. The amino combinations have been developed in such a way that on ingestion the active ingredients pass through the liver without being destroyed. They then replenish the hurt brain’s need for amino acids naturally so making up the deficiency. This strengthens the system so that the brain’s spontaneous demand for amino acids and the natural manufacture of amino acids in the body also increases. The approach is absolutely harmless since the amino acids preparations are the same as those present in all organ tissues. The deficiency occurs because of abnormal cerebral metabolism which can be caused by brain swelling because of injury or by abnormal brain structure, as in, for example, Downs Syndrome Restoring amino acid metabolism helps to normalize the brain’s growth and function.

Amino Acid Therapy- Written by Linda Scotson

What can be treated? Cerebral Palsy Learning Difficulties Autism Epilepsy Hereditary Nervous Conditions Syndromes Craniocerebral traumas Stroke Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson Dementia in Alzheimers Dependent state eg: drug and alcohol additions

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