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About Jeena

Jeena is a self-help group of parents dedicated to improving the quality of life of parents and children with developmental disorders. Developmental Disorders is a broad classification for a group of diseases that affect the mental and/or physical development of children. These disorders include Autism, Cerebral Palsy, PDD, Language disorders, certain cases of epilepsy and a number of other genetic and neurological problems. Founded in April 2000, Jeena is the first not-for-profit organization focused on the specific cultural needs of families from South-East Asia, here in the Bay Area, CA. Jeena is a volunteer based organization that aims to provide support services and education to children and their families. Currently Jeena is focusing on projects in the Silicon Valley, California and in India.


Enhance the quality of life of parents and children with development disability by providing non-medical support, and opportunities for training and education, to parents and professionals keeping in mind the cultural nuances.

Guiding Principles

  1. Manage the organization professionally.

  2. Start on a small scale and use early results to build momentum and to demonstrate the feasibility of bigger concepts.

  3. Collaborate and develop partnerships to provide a seamless customer focused experience. Supplement with new services and resources, where necessary.

  4. Create a mechanism through which the Indo-American community (doctors, professionals, families) can contribute to projects in India.

  5. Leverage the internet to provide long distance support to parents and trainings to professionals.

Parent Partners

JeenaParents play a key role. Parents are the stakeholders in Jeena. We are Jeena’s customers, supporters, volunteers and advocates. At Jeena, we recognize that parents are uniquely qualified to provide input about their requirements and their child’s needs. Parents have shaped Jeena’s mission and goals. Jeena has benefited tremendously from the hard work of a number of parents in creating new programs, developing our web site, and helping us expand our reach. We are actively working with approximately eighty parent partners.

See what our parents have to say about us...

“Jeena offers a very personal experience – its more like a family than an organization.” -Selvi Pragasam, Mother of Aidan
“Jeena has provided numerous services for special need kids, but has also given a sense of hope, encouragement & togetherness for families.” -Ujjala Mahimkar & Nakul Mahimkar, Parents of Meeta

Founders and Friends

Rajni and Praveen Madan founded the organization in the memory of their daughter Gina. Rajni is responsible for leading the team to attain Jeena’s mission – keeping in view new technologies, challenges and opportunities.

Jeena has assembled an impressive group of advisors. Our advisors have been working with us to validate our strategic direction, identify projects, guide fund-raising efforts, and help with networking. Some of our biggest supporters are Umang Gupta, Padma and Krish Ramakrishnan, Sunil Gaitonde, Gaurav Dhillon, Judith and Bob Duffy, Lata Krishnan, Ajay Shah and numerous professionals and case managers who have volunteered their services both in the Bay Area and India.


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