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Scribbles and Giggles

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Speech Language and OT

Campbell, Saratoga, San Jose


Children’s Healthcare Organization of Northern California (CHONC) provides acute, subacute, and educational services to severely disabled or catastrophically injured children through a unique combination of facilities and programs. CHONC’s facilities include the CHONC Pediatric Hospital, a general acute care hospital with a distinct-part skilled nursing unit delivering subacute care; Saratoga Pediatric Subacute, a skilled nursing facility providing subacute care; and Scribbles & Giggles, a pediatric day health care center offering subacute day and respite care. Our programs include acute and subacute rehabilitation, comprehensive respiratory services, inpatient subacute care, outpatient subacute care, respite care, and educational programs in collaboration with the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

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