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Being a part of Jeena

Elizabeth P

Being at Jeena, Is like visiting an old friend, Like being among family, Where we all share one hope, And strive for a common goal, Which is To see our children, Happy and accepted, As who they are, Just the way they are, Without being judged, But invited in with open arms, And cheered on to do their best. To me, Jeena is not a building or a place, But a group of friends, Ones near and dear to our hearts, Bonded together, Through the likeness of our children, As we journey together as parents on a mission

Prathibha B

Being part of Jeena is: Where I can leave my son not worrying about him being judged or him wandering off I get to meet a group of most dedicated parents I get to meet some wonderful people who tirelessly work to get Jeena going I see bunch of amazing kids with wonderful talents and bright eyes full of innocence Some, with the most sense of humor Some, can‘t tell you what they are capable of Some, are in a much higher plane you are incapable of figuring them out It goes on…. Yes, being part of Jeena is the feeling of being home.

Rajashree H

Being a part of JEENA for me and my family is like COMING ALIVE, in a way living up to its name. JEENA has no boundaries and has no dearth of potential when it comes to our children; the onus is on us to identify and tap it (Jeena Yahaan). We “Jeenaites” have learnt to energize each other every time we meet. At JEENA positive and fun attitude pervades to the point of being infectious!

Madhavi D

Being a part of Jeena has made me see that there are so many parents like me who have special needs children, and it’s a place where I can go to talk about any problem concerning my son, Raj. Someone is always there to listen to me and provide support. When there are classes and events at Jeena I don’t mind bringing Raj to attend, since there’s always something for him to do. I really appreciate the fact that the teachers are so flexible and adapt to my son’s learning needs.

Sakuntala V

Being part of Jeena family for me is letting my child be himself without worrying about the “differences”, where differences are embraced as normal. Jeena is the place, where you find the purest and innocent smiles. Jeena is a place of inspiration, where I get to meet the most committed parents And much more…

Sanjita D

Jeena is our second home in the USA. We have come across some unique and incredible people who have taught us the importance of maintaining the spirit alive while fighting autism. We appreciate all the efforts that were made to organize different workshops, meetings, walkathons, awareness days, social events to help our children with their social skills, for the last eleven years. The immense value, that a support group can offer families, is quite amazing. My special needs son has actually made some friends at Jeena. We get to have a social life because of Jeena! I really hope there will be more active participation from our other members. Go Jeena!


Most of us don’t realize the hardships of families who have differently-abled children. I think the service Jeena provides these families with resource gathering, networks and day-to-day support is invaluable. We are proud to support and advocate Jeena’s efforts. I can’t thank Jeena enough for the support that my family has received over the years.

Shanti K

Jeena has brought special needs families together so that they can talk about their pain, their challenges, and their triumphs. Jeena has helped these parents find friendship and support which can be invaluable when facing a crisis. Through Jeena, we are constantly reminded that we are not alone, and that despite all the hardships, we can find a way to smile and live vibrantly.


Jeena has been a huge help for us over the last few years. It has helped us understand our daughter’s issues better. We made new friends in similar situations and learned a lot from them. It has made a great impact in our life.


I happened to spend a day with Jeena few years back with my mother and my older brother who is a special needs kid. It was very emotional. It is great to see an organization like this which provides a support system to each other as against the times when my mother brought up my older brother in India. Wish Jeena the very best in everything it does. It is a great cause.


I am one of the Directors of a social service agency which delivers services to a number of families involved in JEENA. JEENA is a “home away from home” for many of the families and their children with special needs. It is a huge community organization which supports these families in numerous ways. Kudos to the organizers who passionately give their time and energy. When I attended one of their functions, I was overwhelmed by the cohesiveness of the Organization.


My daughter was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years of age. I had never heard this word earlier. I was so confused and didn’t know what to do next. I heard from my friend about Jeena. I visited this center and I saw that there were so many parents in the same boat who support each other. I felt safe by joining Jeena, where I can get my issues discussed, where other parents understand us, where we can come up with solutions, and finally where we can try to plan a safe future for our special need kids! Jeena made me believe that we can unlock talents in our special needs kids if we give them the right environment & guidance.

Sunil M

Our family is an active member of this wonderful parent support non-profit org, Jeena, which means ‘life’ in Hindi language.It is truly a life giver to many special needs families who are otherwise devastated by the challenges faced in their everyday life. It provides many support services, coordinates educational events, does many community activities such as hosting picnics, shows etc for kids with special needs in a fun-filled environment. I am constantly amazed at how effectively families with varied needs (emotional, financial, and different types of special needs) have been brought together under the one roof of Jeena. This has helped many children due to better information exchange and ideas.


Jeena brings life to parents and kids with special needs. It’s a place where parents support each other and bring recognition to kids with special needs, a family which brings love and desire to go reach out unconditionally. I really appreciate the emotional support I get from Jeena and for changing my perception of looking at our “challenges” as “strengths” of our kids.


Jeena is a great forum for parents with special needs kids. There are other special needs organizations here in bay area but none that cater to South Asian community like Jeena does. This gives us a sense of belonging and the feeling that we are not alone in this world dealing with the challenges of bringing up the special needs children. From parent advice to therapies to social gatherings Jeena has it all. It is a great support community that I have come to rely on. Go Jeena Go!

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