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Attending a Class at Jeena

Attending a class at Jeena

by Elizabeth Paturi

Last year, I was interested in learning more about the different types of therapies that could help my four year old son with autism. I was pleased to see that Jeena had several different classes that were being held for parents to attend. My husband and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and signed up for the class. At the meeting we were able to learn a lot of the basics of RDI therapies for Joshua and were interested in learning more. We were later able to attend a more detailed informational series of classes that helped us understand RDI better. At the Jeena location we were given the opportunity to learn from the experienced instructors and also view several slides and videos as well. We had a great experience learning techniques and also being able to socialize and interact with other parents from Jeena. This has truly been a great experience both for my husband and I. Apart from allowing the use of the facility; Jeena had also assisted in paying for more than half the cost of the class for each family. Moreover, Jeena had even arranged for childcare for both my children, including arranging for my son’s special needs, in advance. I am really grateful for Jeena where I can approach and mingle with other individuals with the same needs as our family. Classes like these and other fun, networking events organized by Jeena have been invaluable experiences for my family.

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