Mar, 02
Jeena -1333 Piedmont Road, #108, San Jose, CA
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Your Child is More Than a Label

What: Your Child is More Than a Label - What my students with autism have taught me over the past 15 years.

Age Range: Parents of children below 10 years of age

Presenter:  Priya James, Speech-Language Pathologist, and co-author of "Comprehensive Intervention for Children with Developmental Delays and Disorders: Practical Strategies", will share the insights she gained by working very closely with autistic children. She will discuss the pros and cons of various therapies and practical strategies that you can do every day at home to make your child an independent, productive and confident individual. She will also answer your questions regarding schools and other available resources. 

You can learn more about her at

When: March 2, 2019  

Time: 11:30am to 1 pm

Fee: $2:00